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 75 Years: Canada, Nuclear Weapons & the UN BAN Treaty

Setsuko Thurlow's Appeal to Justin Trudeau

Support Setsuko's letter to Prime Minister Trudeau; send an email directly to Justin Trudeau using the Action Network online letter writing platform courtesy of the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace: actionnetwork.org/letters/75th-anniversary-of-hiroshima-nagasaki-canada-must-sign-the-treaty-on-the-prohibition-of-nuclear-weapons-2

Click on the links to download PDFs or view webpages from the list below:

Hiroshima Seen: Survivors Picture the Nuclear Age

See a sample of the exhibit on our website, and the full presentation at http://imagearts.ryerson.ca/hiroshima/.

“How have the Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki affected you personally?”

Visit the photographic documentary at: