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Motion On Weaponization Of Outer Space

Veterans Against Nuclear Weapons Ontario Québec Region

It is Moved by Eileen Swinton and Seconded by Terrell Gardner:

WHEREAS Anti-Ballistic Missile Defence entails a commitment to the weaponization of outer space


WHEREAS The renewal of Anti-Ballistic Missile Defence in the U.S. began only after the U.S. abandoned the International Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, which treaty was one of the most important Arms Control Treaties in the world


WHEREAS The Missile Defence Project is unworkable, is destabilizing and dangerous

THEREFORE Be it Resolved that the Ontario/Québec Region of Veterans Against Nuclear Arms URGE the government of Canada to:

  1. KEEP Canada out of the U.S. Missile Defence scheme

  2. OPPOSE President Bush’s plans to resume nuclear testing and to develop a space-based “global strike capability”

  3. TAKE LEADERSHIP in urging the international community to develop a Multilateral Treaty to ban weapons in outer space, enforceable by a Space Preservation Agency

Carried unanimously June 3, 2003